Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Train Carrier Slipping Chemicals, Loud Explosion Caused

Train Carrier Slipping Chemicals, Loud Explosion Caused

Train Carrier Slipping Chemicals, Loud Explosion Caused

A car carrier chemicals derailed near the city of Baltimore , USA. There were no reports of casualties, but the incident triggered the boom hard .
As reported  the incident happened on Tuesday ( 05/28/2013 ) afternoon local time. The cargo train derailed near the lake in the industry .
The car reportedly overturned and cause hard boom . The fire appears to emerge from a string of railway carriage slipped and trigger black smoke in the air. Even some of the surrounding buildings have collapsed, but the car did not hit the building.
"I and a few dogs while jumping . And a neighbor told her blind and blown up last year, " said an eye witness .
Other eyewitnesses as saying the bomb incident . " Even more powerful than the earthquake , " said one witness.
The local authorities are now positioned to do the handling on site and investigating the cause of car crashes . It is feared that there is a spill of hazardous chemicals .

Monday, November 25, 2013

Family Victims of Alleged malpractice dr lay Ayu, like this story

Manado, action to convict the alleged malpractice concerns, Dr. Dewa Ayu Sasiary Prawani and colleagues, continue to reverberate. Among physicians, patient death has become a medical risk.

But for Mahengkeng Yulin, Julia Frances Makatey mother who died during a caesarean section, mid-April 2010, said another. There is the omission of the children who are already in distress and need immediate surgery.

Yulin later recounted the events that began on April 9, 2010. At that time his son, go to the health center in the District Malalayang shoulders ahead of the birth. Bore signs seen at 04.00 pm, the next day, after the rupture of amniotic fluid with an opening 8 to 9 centimeters.

But the doctor's Hospital Health Center, referring to Prof. Dr. Kandou Malalayang because Frances had a history of giving birth to her first child divakum way. "We arrived at 07.00 pm, and then put into the room Irdo," said Yulin told AFP on Monday (25/11/2013) night.

Because the results of a decline of up to 6 cm opening, the morning Frances and directed to the delivery room. Yulin and then said, as if that moment happens omission of the child, as it seemed to stall waiting for a normal delivery.

"In fact, my son had to have surgery because the waters have broken and his condition is weak," he explained.

Until the night around 20:00 pm, a new action performed surgery Dr. Ayu and two colleagues. Family was back and forth the operating room and pharmacy to buy the drug. With conditions not bring enough money, bargaining occurs medicine and equipment.

"Even I try to ensure I wear a gold necklace, while waiting for the money that is still on the way, but still ignored. Operation was finally experiencing delays," beber Yulin.

He continued, at 22:00 pm, the money from her sister arrived. The amount was not sufficient as a request by the hospital. After pleading repeatedly, then the operation performed. 15 minutes later, the doctor came out carrying the baby and gave her the news in a healthy state. But later only 20 to 30 minutes later, the doctor brought the news again when her son had died.

"We are disappointed omission occurred for 15 hours on my child. Why new surgery performed after the condition of my child is already suffering and helpless?" he added.

"It is clear there are mistakes made by doctors, so our family was reported to the police," added Yulin.

According to him, the incident has been a few times she told to the various parties to prove the existence of the omission of the doctors who deal with children.

"So I cried when heard, Manado District Court acquittal., But God heard our prayers, because our appeal and the Supreme Court and the Attorney received 10 months in prison to grant demands," he concluded.

On the basis of the Supreme Court decision that granted prosecutors appeal, Dr. Ayu thrown into detention Mandeleng Manado, Friday (8/11). Dr. Hendry simanjuntak following today. Only Dr. Hendry Siagian who is still at large.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Not Fit to fat body Bench Cinemas, Kim Cuts Weight 114 Kg

 Not Fit to fat body Bench Cinemas, Kim Cuts Weight 114 Kg

Body fat can not only lower the person's self confidence, but also inhibit its activity. As experienced by Kim Freshwater (45). Weighs about 184 pounds, he could not even just sitting watching a movie because he did not fit.

Not only that, Kim also lost the opportunity to be present in their children's school awards ceremony. Why? He worried his body not fit well on the bench provided and will be broken when he was sitting on.

"Because my body is too fat, I also had high blood pressure, breathing problems, back pain and pain in the knee. Besides can not go to the cinema and to the school event, I also had to break the bench at my friend's house. Highly embarrassing," Kim said, as quoted by the Mirror, Wednesday (20/11/2013).

"Too much of what I experienced. Then realized I had to quickly lose weight," he continued.

Women who came from Hampshire, England, was immediately initiate steps to join a diet club. Here he met with many people who also seem to have the same goal. By doing so he became more focused.

Kim previously admitted never would choose menu breakfast and a large portion of lasagna, fried foods, crisps and chocolate all day. At the club he was taught to manage your diet. Kim was later changed diet portion size into three meals with smaller portions. He also regularly exercise tennis, swimming, running and cycling.

"Earlier my confidence when wearing black clothing. But now my closet is full of clothes assorted colors. Now my weight stabilized at 70 kg," said Kim.

Reported by the Daily Mail, Kim claimed to have lost a lot of beautiful moments with his family, which certainly can not he get back. Now he is determined to maintain a healthy lifestyle to 'make up' all the missing moments.